Good reasons for tailor-made solutionsfrom PULS Vario.

PULS Vario is an experienced partner in project planning, development, production and testing modified versions of PULS standard products, value-added projects and complete assemblies. With our state-of-the-art Research & Development Centers in Vienna and Chemnitz/Einsiedel and our specialized, highly versatile manufacturing site in Drebach, formerly Etasyn GmbH, we combine years of experience in development with the familiar “Made in Germany” quality. Together we are shaping the future of PULS Vario – with a commitment of perfection, the courage to continuously develop and a great deal of pleasure in working together.

Good reasons

Why do customers choose to PULS Vario?

Technical Competence in Sales

Technical sales expertise ensures a joint definition of the optimal solution for the end application.

Intelligent Custom Solutions

PULS Vario solutions implement all electrical and/or mechanical requirements necessary for the customer’s chosen application.


Our products are approved according to the applicable standards of markets and countries.

Unique Selling Points

We develop products with the aim of giving the customer a competitive advantage through unique selling points.


Our customers can directly influence the development and production of their power supplies right from the project start.

Individual Product Marking

Our power supplies are marked and can be individually traced, as is common for medical technology and in the transport industry.

Long Product Life Cycles

Our technical and logistical support enable exceptionally long product life cycles.

Total Cost Optimization

Our goal when optimizing the total cost is to deliver the necessary features which are required.


Our locations in Vienna, Drebach and Chemnitz/Einsiedel are located in high technology areas:


The PULS “Powerschmiede”– an innovation lab situated in the heart of a major city.

  • Research & Development Center with a state-of-the-art modern work environment.
  • A power team whose success is based on openness, excellent professionalism and a dash of humor.
  • Our workplace is centrally located beside the Wienerberg, which is just a few minutes walk from Meidling railway station, and is characterized by the urban flair of Vienna, which has been voted recently the world’s most livable city.


The Power Manufacturer Made in Germany: Efficient and Flexible.
  • Production, administration and logistics-all take place at our friendly, clean and well-structured space spread across 5,000 m².
  • We work as a team in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.
  • Located in the triangle of Dresden, Leipzig and Prague, the town of Drebach is close to Chemnitz and right in the middle of the idyllic landscapes of the Erzgebirge, offering excellent prospects for families.


The Power Oasis – Know-how Center surrounded by greenery.

  • R&D location on PULS’ own premises, which is close to the university (TU Chemnitz) and only a few minutes walk from city train stop “Einsiedel Gymnasium”.
  • Due to the adjacent PULS’ laboratories and the closeness to the manufacturing site in Drebach, the synergy effects in both directions can be used optimally.  
  • The picturesque surrounding with adjoining Kneipp basin creates an optimum balance to start innovatively into new projects and developments.


As a medium-sized company with over 130 employees and a clear orientation, PULS Vario is in the best position to realize demanding projects in series production.

Passion is what counts

The many years of experience that our development and production team has, forms a pillar of our success with well-known customers. But it is only when combined with the passion for finding the best, safest solution – a passion shared by all those involved – that the quality of our products is created.

Accepting challenges with pleasure and focusing on the tasks at hand, is one of our strengths, and an asset that our clients particularly appreciate.

Our employees are fully committed and customer oriented, always giving 100%.


Our production is RoHS compliant and certified according to IPC standard. All PULS Vario products comply with the required market and country-specific standards (UL, CSA, EN).


DIN ISO 9001:2015


DIN ISO 9001:2015


DIN ISO 14001:2015



“The PULS Vario GmbH management is committed to promoting environmental awareness among its employees through training and lectures. Measures are also being taken to reduce emissions, waste, water pollution and other environmental impacts. New production processes are constantly being checked for possible environmental effects.”

Heiko Friedrich (Quality Manager)


Opening of the ELBA-electric site in Chemnitz-Einsiedel, Saxony
Merger of Computer Products and Zytec – ARTESYN is established
ARTESYN Technologies GmbH & Co. KG bought by Astec GmbH and integrated into the Emerson Group
Separation of the Chemnitz location from the Emerson Group and formation of Etasyn GmbH as an independent company.
Certification according to quality standard EN ISO 9001:2000 and environmental standard EN ISO 14001:2005
Relocation to the new site in Drebach
Ewald Braith becomes Managing Director at Etasyn GmbH
PULS Vario is established (Etasyn from Drebach and an independent development site in Vienna), and is responsible for innovative designs within the PULS Group.
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