Good reasons
for tailored solutions
from PULS Vario.

PULS Vario is an experienced partner for project configuration, development, manufacture and inspection of modifications for PULS standard products, value-adding projects and complete assemblies. Our ultramodern Research & Development Center in Vienna and our efficient, highly flexible main manufacturing facility in Drebach, the former Etasyn GmbH, bundle years of development experience with the quality feature “Made in Germany”. Together we shape the future of PULS Vario – with a love of perfection, the courage to keep on developing and a passion for cooperation.

Good reasons

Why do customers come to PULS Vario?

Technical sales expertise

Technical know-how in sales allows a common definition of the optimum solution for the final application.

Intelligent individual solutions

PULS Vario solutions meet all electrical and/or mechanical requirements of the customer’s application.


Our products always come with the product approvals required in the relevant markets and countries.

Unique selling propositions

The aim of our product development is to give the customer a competitive edge through unique selling propositions.


Our customers can exert a direct influence on the development and production of their power packs right from the start.

Individual product itemisation

Our power packs are itemised to ensure traceability, as is customary in medical technology or railway applications.

Long product life cycles

Our technical and logistical support ensures extremely long life cycles for our products.

Total cost optimisation

The aim of total cost optimisation is to deliver as many power packs as really necessary – not as many as possible.


PULS Vario managing director Ewald Braith takes a global approach to management
Ewald Braith is an electrical engineer and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota and the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

A down-to-earth attitude, strategic understanding, practical know-how and a high customer orientation are attributes that can rightly be said to characterise the PULS Vario CEO. But it is his many years of experience in the management of large global companies such as Emerson Network Power – with a resulting network – that make the combination complete. Ewald Braith combines a love of detail with a feeling for significant trends and a knowledge of how large groups act.


Our locations in Vienna and Drebach put you right in the centre of high technology:


The PULS power forge – an innovation lab in the heart of the city.
  • Research & development center in an ultramodern new work environment.
  • A power team that achieves success with openness, great professionalism and a touch of humour.
  • Our site offers urbane flair in a city recognised as offering the best quality of life, with a central location on the Wienerberg hill, just a few minutes on foot from Meidling railway station.


Power manufacturing Made in Germany: efficient and flexible.
  • Extending over an area of up to 5.000 m², our clean, friendly and well-structured premises house development, production, administration and logistics departments.
  • Equal partners: We work as a team in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.
  • Set in the idyllic landscape of the Erzgebirge mountains, near Chemnitz in the Dresden-Leipzig-Prague triangle, Drebach offers fantastic prospects for families.


As an SME with more than 130 employees and a clear orientation, PULS Vario is ideally placed to turn high-end projects into series production.

Passion makes the difference

The many years of experience gained by our development and production team are the pillar of our success with leading customers. But only when combined with the passion with which everyone seeks the best and safest solution does the quality of our machinery come to the fore.

One of our strengths is that we accept challenges with pleasure and enjoy getting stuck right in – an asset that our customers particularly value.

Our employees can do anything – but they don’t do things by halves.


Our manufacturing is RoHS compliant and certified to IPC standard. All PULS Vario products conform to the required market and country-specific standards (UL, CSA, EN).


DIN ISO 9001:2015


DIN ISO 9001:2015


DIN ISO 14001:2015


“The management of PULS Vario GmbH has committed itself to promoting the environmental awareness of its staff through training and presentations. It also contributes towards the adoption of measures aimed at reducing emissions, waste, water pollution and other influences on the environment. New manufacturing processes are always tested for their possible environmental impact.”

Torsten Wolf (Quality Manager, PULS Vario Environmental Officer)


The ELBA-electric facility in Chemnitz-Einsiedel, Saxony, is established
Computer Products and Zytec merge, marking the birth of ARTESYN
ARTESYN Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is acquired by Astec GmbH and incorporated into the Emerson Group
The Chemnitz plant is spun out of the Emerson Group and ETASYN GmbH is formed as an independent company registered in Chemnitz
Certification according to quality standard EN ISO 9001:2000 and environmental standard EN ISO 14001:2005
Relocation to new premises in Drebach
Ewald Braith takes over as managing director in Drebach
Etasyn from Drebach and another independent development site from Vienna are combined to form PULS Vario. Within the PULS Group these two sites are responsible for innovative designs that are not specifically designed for DIN rails.

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