From the very beginning,
customer requirements drivethe product development.

The high quality of our modified power supply solutions is based on two factors: creative thinking combined with extremely structured working methods implemented by our engineers, and the fact that we are able to offer the entire process from customer briefing all the way to series production.

Product Development

Meeting our customers’ requirements in the best possible way is the standard behind all PULS Vario developments. The constant flexibility in implementation signifies that even unplanned changes in specifications are no cause for concern.

We document quality

This includes samples for product development, on-time product deliveries, quality assurance protocols and test certificates.

Trust through openness

The technical and business decision for an application-specific power supply unit is also a question of trust. That is why we guarantee fair cooperation and support throughout the entire product life cycle, minimizing dependency on the manufacturer by disclosing product data (all the way up to qualification by a second supplier on request) and combined with a fair price-performance ratio.

Designated Responsibilities

The project team consists of:

  • Project Manager
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Key Account Manager
  • Project Buyer
  • Quality Engineer

is responsible for the development project from definition to production release or other completed milestones

Capacities and Competences

The high quality of our tailor-made power supply solutions is based on two factors: The creative thinking combined with our engineers’ extremely structured working methods and the fact that we are able to provide the entire process from customer briefing to series production.

Thinking Ahead

The individual conception of an order begins with dedicated sales engineers who understand our customers’ specific requirements and create well-founded specifications for development.

Structured Development

The product development process is divided into five pre-defined phases and identifies deliverables from the product development program that must be completed, officially reviewed and accepted before the project can move on to the next phase.

Ongoing checks and test installations underpin the development work carried out and ensure that the project steps are documented. This makes it possible to track the status of the program and the work still to be completed in each individual phase.

Informed and involved

Our customers appreciate this transparency and the associated adherence to schedules, as well as the opportunity to influence the details of the project.

Customer requirements control development right from the beginning.

Manufacturing organization

The organization of production at PULS Vario reflects maximum focus on our customers’ needs. It enables several models to be produced in parallel – depending on the device type and/or quantity in one-piece flow, in nest production or single-piece production. This offers a wide range of advantages.


Short-term changes to the production layout can be implemented at any time. The flexible arrangement of all relevant components allows the production flow to be optimally adapted to the respective conditions – especially when introducing new products with additional necessary production steps.


Our high level of vertical integration, SMT & THT carried out inhouse, enable short lead-times.

Specialists for Extremes

We guarantee 100% safety and final testing on automatic test systems, including data archiving and therefore 100% traceability. On request, we provide extensive stress tests (temperature, vibration etc.) in programmable test booths.


Our production is RoHS compliant and certified according to IPC standard. All PULS Vario products comply with the required market and country-specific standards (UL, CSA, EN).

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