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Our product range includes modifications of PULS standard products, value-added projects and complete assemblies. At PULS Vario, we combine years of development expertise with the “Made in Germany” label, resulting in uncompromising quality and competitive prices. Our customers from the fields of aviation and drive technology, as well as many of those from logistics, medical, laboratory and railway technology, all appreciate these standards. In these industries, the requirements for the safety and reliability of the products is very challenging.


Our standard for product design is clear – we want to exceed our customer´s expectations. This includes carefully considering every aspect of the product’s field of application, as well as evaluating all of the indirect requirements.

Security and Efficiency

Ever more compact designs and extremely low limits for leakage currents as well as electromagnetic compatibility are just some of the criteria that our devices always have to meet.

Compact performance realized

High efficiency is also crucial, and not just for environmental reasons. High efficiency signifies low power loss, and therefore less heating and a longer product lifetime. It is a prerequisite of compact mechanical designs–saving not only on energy but also on raw materials.

For us, the challenge begins at an efficiency of 93 %. In order to achieve this, the power losses must be 50 % less relative to the usual 85 %.

It also goes without saying that our products should be quick to integrate and easy to operate.

Product Examples

Our customers come from the fields of aviation and drive technology and to a large extent from the medical and laboratory technology industries. In these industry branches, the requirements for product safety and reliability are exceptionally high.

DC/DC for aviation technology

A device with 8W power and several outputs. The product is exposed to high mechanical stress in transport systems. Therefore, intelligent circuitry and bridging time of several seconds ensure precise performance.


AC/DC for blood analysis

An intelligent power supply with 3,700W power output. The permanent self-diagnosis monitors currents and voltages at inputs and outputs. Electronic fuses stop the flow of energy extremely quickly in an emergency, thus preventing possible damage to the application.


AC/DC for surgical tools

This intelligent power supply with a 350W power output ensures that the motors of precision tools are supplied with energy even under sudden extreme loads. An additional safety feature is the leakage current of just 50 μA.


AC/DC for operating tables

The microprocessor-controlled power supply takes over battery management during short power failures, as well as coordination of all movable elements on the operating table via CAN bus. It also offers back up reserves should these be required.


AC/DC for motor drives

A power supply with 1,500W power output and 3-phase input that can drive up to 60 motors. The housing is protected against dust and water in accordance with protection class IP54. The device detects and dissipates energy from energy backfeed.


AC/DC for motor drives

A power supply with 480W power output can drive up to 20 motors. The housing is dustproof and waterproof according to protection class IP66. The heat generated is dissipated via the housing. The device detects energy backfeed and dissipates it.


The following technologies form our technical basis.


Electronic hardware development, PCB layout, mechanical 3D design and thermal simulations with the latest software


ERP-controlled production with batch tracing


Siplace assembly line with integrated AOI (automatic optical inspection)


Most modern soldering technology for wave and selective soldering


Coating assemblies using a spray coating machine


Latest generation of safety and function testing

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